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Collaboration Tools

Collaboration ToolsOur interactive display systems enable people to collaborate and share information, whether from multiple sources, local, or remote. Annotation, file sharing, projection, and more are all facilities of a variety of interactive presentation technologies and tools available today. The result is enhanced productivity and greater communication between meeting participants.

Interactive white boards enable presenters to comment, present, and manipulate information on display in real time. They also support multiple users, furthering collaboration and info sharing. Interactive display technology leaves a lasting impression, per their visual characteristics that help audiences to better understand ideas, have meaningful discussions, and make more informed decisions.

Videoconferencing systems quite commonly allow for screen sharing, presentation mode of the system displays, offering greater flexibility of use in a multi-function environment.

A variety of visual and auditory collaboration tools exist, to enhance the impact of your message. Let Precise AV demonstrate the various options and applications that suite your needs.