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VideoconferencingVideoconferencing helps reduce travel time and expenses, enhances collaboration between colleagues, and helps to create more face time interaction between people. These days the flexibility of videoconferencing technology is ever-increasing, as are the options in the types of systems available.

Immersive systems create a more life-size, across-the-table feel for meeting participants in spaces specifically designed/laid out to facilitate regular video conferencing use.

Multipurpose systems bring flexibility to meeting spaces, offering what feels like an immersive experience, but in a general purpose meeting rooms, using existing furnishings.

Personal desktop systems are ideal for individuals or small offices, where one participant can meet face to face with a colleague, or even join a larger meeting in progress. Many such system also offer the ability to share computer data.

At Precise AV, we can help you to understand the options, and to choose the best approach, brand, and type of system for deploying videoconferencing technology in your space.